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"The FREE System That Makes You Money"
It's Simple...  It's Easy...  It Makes You Money...  It's FREE Leads!!!   

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This FLP System Is Owned By Todd Bobal

FREE Opportunity Seeker Leads

For ANY Money Making Opportunity YOU Are Working!

Are You Sick & Tired Of Hearing People Say "The Money Is In The List" But Not Giving You Any Idea How To Build One?

Building Profitable, Targeted Lists Is The Key To Living The "Internet Lifestyle"
But 99% Of Us Had No Way Of Doing This Properly . . . Until Now!

Nowhere will you find a FREE email marketing system where you can receive 100 FREE leads every day for any money making opportunity you are working with a weekly email blaster - broadcasting system sending your best message to YOUR leads and YOUR downline's leads.

Forget about those one time email blasting systems where you need to pay each time you want to send out an email. Once your leads are in your Free Leads Pipeline you can send them a SPAM FREE bulk email marketing message every week - week after week - costing you nothing.

Your FREE email management system offers an unlimited download of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of email leads. You will be able to manage these unlimited leads in your Free Leads Pipeline back office.

Send them an email, follow-up with a phone call, have our autoresponder send out timely messages, make notes, group them into active and inactive, check to see if they opened the email and how many times, check to see if they clicked on a link, keep stats, send out an email broadcast to your leads and more...

           Michelle says. . . "100 new people that                          Al Says. . . "It is unbelievable, it grows
           you're reaching every day? YES, Please!"                        fast because everybody wants free leads."



Explode Your Lead Base!

Invite others to YOUR Free Leads Pipeline (this page here but with YOUR name) and have them receive 100 FREE Leads every day and send a weekly email broadcast to those leads in their downline. Your weekly email BLAST will go to your entire downline to INFINITY................................


  I Pay YOU To Build Your Bu$ine$$!  

Can You Hear It Ring?

It's Makes You Wanna Sing...

It's Such a Beautiful Thing - Ka-Ching!

Get paid $50 Bucks CA$H directly into YOUR PayPal Account each and every time someone you introduce to Free Leads Pipeline sets up THEIR Free Marketing System to start getting their 100 FREE leads everyday just as you are!

All you need to do is send out your BEST message about YOUR money making opportunity using the FREE 100 leads you receive every day through YOUR Free Leads Pipeline bulk email marketing broadcaster. 

When you plug in those 100 leads every day, the email marketing system instantly sends out your message about your business and an offer to receive 100 FREE opportunity leads everyday.

When your prospect sets up their FREE System to start getting their FREE leads, Ka-Ching... $50 Bucks slam-dunked into your PayPal Account! All you need to do is plug in the 100 leads every day, send your money making opportunity message and let the system give away free FLP Marketing Systems.

You get paid to use my powerful bulk email marketing system - COSTING YOU NOTHING - while at the same time building your business!

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